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With inflation and crush of stock markets, global economy is struggling and this has resulted to loss of money value. For this reason, many individuals who need to protect their wealth are converting their liquid cash to precious metals such as gold and silver.

This is because the value of gold is not decreasing but it is appreciating at a higher rate despite devaluation of the dollar. IRA has become a way of investment since people who have invested in precious metals can convert those metals to higher value than what they had initially bought them.

However, the concern of those individuals who are ready to diversify their assets to gold or silver is determining a good gold IRA company which will provide full protection of their wealth. Since not all Gold IRA companies are the same, it is important to work with a company that has good reputation and that take time to provide basic education on the entire rollover process.

If this is not enough and still have your doubts, it is important to go further and read the competition’s complaints on the complaint board, trustlink, BBB report plus other credible rating and review sites.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Gold IRA Company

After analyzing a given IRA company, you need to consider asking 4 important questions below;

1. IRA Storage and Setup Fees

Before landing on a given gold IRA company, you need to determine both the setup fees and storage fees charged by that particular company. This is important since different companies charge differently with some having administration fees which can cost you more as the value of your account keep on increasing.

Be cautions and keen when inquiring on the storage fees. This is because there are some companies which charge you only a flat fee but some may have additional charges as your account keep on increasing in value.

2. Type of Precious Metals (Coins or Bullion)

Although it is a tough decision, it is important to purchase only precious metals such as platinum, silver or gold that are acceptable for IRA investment. In addition, choose the custodian with the best secure storage facilities for maximum protection of your assets.

Since many companies’ best interest is obtaining maximum profit from your investment, they will try to push you to purchase a specific type of precious metal. Go for a company that provides basic education on both the pros and cons of a given rollover.

3. Buyback Program

It is important to consider whether a given gold IRA company offers silver or gold buyback program. Ask them on steps to follow during converting your liquid cash to gold and what happens if you need to liquidate your assets.

How a given company answers your questions will determine your trust towards that particular company. Go for a company that offers fair value return once you liquidate your precious metals and one that you will be comfortable working with.

4. Drawbacks and Decisions

Making a wrong choice of a given IRA company is time consuming and can lead to additional fees. Since most companies will take 30 days with others taking up to 90 days to transfer your funds to your Gold IRA account, it is important to consult a professional on the process of funds transfer and related tax issues.

Top 3 Client Complaints Made to Most IRA Companies

  1. Many individuals feel as if their interest is not considered since the given company is there to make a huge profit from their transactions
  2. Some companies uses aggressive sales tactics where they pester clients to make hasty decisions without first providing the necessary education
  3. Most IRA companies consider their profit margin thus forcing their client to purchase precious metals that have higher value.

Which Gold IRA Company Do We Recommend?


From a number of analyses based on customer feedbacks and testimonials, it is true to say that Regal Asset is the best and highly commendable Gold IRA Company.

This is because the company has reputable staffs who take one through the entire process and answer all the client’s questions honestly and sincerely. Call 1-844-334-5914 and see it for yourself.

The company will listen and go through all the options the client provides without pressurizing on a given direction. Regal Assets also takes time to provide the client with basic education on the business of precious metal investment.

In addition, their customer services are recommendable. When you call them, you will be directed to a representative who will answer all your questions as required.

What Makes Regal Asset Company Different From Others

1. Fastest Shipping Process

Regal Asset guarantees their clients quick delivery of precious metals to their respective places within 7 business days. What is interesting is that when this deadline is missed, a client is given 1 oz of silver American eagle for free.

2. Flat Administration Fees

Unlike other competitors who charges a scaling fee that depend on the value of IRA account, Real Asset charges a flat fee of $100 per year to all retirement accounts.

3. Best Storage and Fee Structure

The fees charged at Regal Asset IRA Company are the best and affordable. Unlike other companies which charge a fee of over $225, Regal Asset charges a constant fee of $150 per year and their accounts are segregated.

4. First Year Dues Well Take Care Of

What differentiate Regal Asset from other companies is that all first year dues are well take care of. This includes storage fees, administration fees, setup fees and delivery fess. This means that with the company, you can save as much as $500 within that year.

5. Fastest Processing Time

Most Gold IRA companies take time before setting up a client retirement account. However, this is different at Regal Asset since all their services are handled by qualified personnel and everything is electronically. This means that a client will not be required to hand sign any form of document.

Therefore, the whole process of investing in precious metal at Regal Assets is smooth and can be completed within 48 business hours. This makes it an A+ company that is able to handle all your questions on IRA business and guarantee fast, safe and efficient transfer of your precious metal.

Inc. Magazine

Regal Assets rank #20 in United States for financial services.


Better Business Bureau


0 complaints on BBB



5 stars on 278 client reviews

The Better Business Bureau gives Regal Assets the highest rating, which means that ethically, the company stands out, and their high ranking on Inc. Magazine also points to their potential to being an excellent partner for any investor.

You have to look into the good and the bad of the company in order to make an informed decision. At the end of the day you’re looking to make a healthy return on your investment and you need a partner that will present the fewest challenges to your goals and facilitate the largest possible ROI.

You will certainly have to cover more information before turning over your savings, but this is a good place to start (call 1-844-334-5914). The more you learn about your investment and factors that affect it, the more leverage you will have over the market and that could stop you from making bad choices.

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